We are a South Carolina based Civil Engineering and Development Planning Firm

From our headquarters in South Carolina, Cross Engineering serves clients throughout the United States. We provide a wide range of development services including property evaluation and site inspection, rezoning and conditional use permit entitlements, cost determination, site planning, lot layout and platting, civil and structural engineering, project management, permitting and construction services.

Our History

Joseph Cross started his career in Civil Engineering in 1994 after graduating from Arizona State University.  In 2015, after working for 14 years in Phoenix Arizona then another 7 years in Salt Lake City Utah, Joseph decided to step away from employment to self-employment and formed Cross Engineering Services, LLC (CES). 

In 2019 CES relocated to Columbia, South Carolina, where we have built a thriving development Planning and Civil Engineering firm serving developers, corporations, and government agencies in South Carolina, California, and many other States in between.  Our clients depend on us to provide them with high value engineering and planning services which we do consistently to build their trust and earn their business.  

Our Values

Trust, Professionalism, Commitment, Value, these are our corporate attributes that are born out of our personal worldview, namely that we are ultimately stewards of all that God gives us and produces in us – daily working as God intends for us to work, professionally, ethically, intentionally, to bless our clients, our communities and those that work for our company.  This is our DNA, it is who we are and what you will receive from us given the opportunity. 

Communities We Have Served